Router VPN Wireless Spotlight On The Linksys WRV54G

The Linksys WRV54G Wireless-G VPN broadband router will be lover by all those small business that just cannot keep their minds of office aesthetics. Most routers, even Wireless VPN routers look rather boxy and boring, but not this Linksys, actually, this router VPN wireless looks terribly sophisticated mostly because of its silver and angular shape. Still trying to help small companies work fast and better, Linksys offers through this wireless VPN router a very impressive support for approximately 50 VPN tunnels and this way it allows many employers to take advantage of a good internet access even while traveling around the office. In addition, in order to secure their work, it also comes with an extensive firewall.However, surprisingly, when it comes to security this wireless VPN router is rather short a few points, especially since the WPA support is completely missing, while many other routers have it. Another low point is its maximum throughput that it is not even by far great. This Linksys router has a high price as well, and because of its deficiencies, it becomes a niche product and its target is unfortunately not businesses that search an advanced Wi-Fi security but rather those businesses that search a combined VPN and wireless router.This Linskys router has the exact case design that you can also find on the Wireless B Media Adapter (from the same manufacturer). You can put it almost anywhere since you can even put it on its short end because it comes with four feet that can be snapped in anytime. In addition, the feet have nice rubber grips that will provide some protections of the legs against scratches of all kinds. If you do not have any place to put it, then how about hanging it? The Linksys wireless VPN router comes with brackets as well that can be used to hang it against the wall. With any choice you may choose, the antenna positioning can be done from both places from 90 degrees to 360 degrees. In addition, if this was not enough, if you’re not getting the right signal in any of the positions you can unscrew the antenna from its device and add another antenna.Regarding the User’s Guide – if they had made it any more cryptic it would have been similar to the Egyptian signs. Maybe technology is not everybody’s strongest point, meaning that not everybody is that familiar with the subject but still, they could have made it a user’s guide, and not a professionals guide. The quick installation guide they present is not by far as fairy clear as they present it on the commercial and the images should be helpful and not drag someone in complete confusion. The lack of image labeling made the whole guide rather useless. For example, even the router supports other operating systems than just plain Windows; the user guide does not show any explanation on how to configure it using Mac OS X for example. Read more at http://www.howtosetupwirelessnetwork.comFinally, the router lacks at many points but it only depends on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend on a wireless VPN router.

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