3 Great Ways to Travel Australia

Australia remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As the biggest “island” having an entire continent to itself, the Aussies sure have it all. Gold sand beaches, ultra modern cities, spectacular mountain ranges, The Great Barrier Reef and of course the outback. A 2 or 3 week holiday simply aren’t enough to see this vast country and choosing your mode of travel is as important as the places you choose to visit.With Australia being such a big place you will often need to cover vast distances which can be both expensive and time consuming. Here are the 3 best was to travel Australia:1. By Air
There is a great network of internal flights and you can reach almost any major city every 2 hours. Be warned though – these aren’t short flights. Perth to Sydney is more than 4 hours and unless you book in advance it can be quite expensive. Quantas is the main carrier, but Virgin Blue and JetStar are 2 budget airlines that offer discount airfares.2. By Sea
Being an island, you can reach virtually any of the major cities via the coastline. There are tons of cruises that operate all along the coastline and Sydney is famous for its international terminal in Circular Quay. Private boat charters is also a great option for those who want to splash out and you can even hire a yacht to make your own way. Even if you just do short trips in the Great Barrier Reef – make sure you explore Aus by sea.3. By Road
Although it’s a big place, there is nothing like a road trip through Australia. Seeing the countryside and exploring all the small towns is where the real charm of rural Australia can be found. Getting a camper van is a great option and although its “slow” its very economical.

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