5 Good Reasons to Use the Infraware Transcription Platform

Have you decided on what transcription platform to use? Hospitals should also be mindful of the technologies that they are going to implement. This is because the software can either speed up the productivity, increase the accuracy of reports, or maintain the integrity of the information, or the other way around.Infraware transcription platform, however, guarantees the following benefits:It helps you administer and manage applications. One of the common problems with other systems available in the market is that it’s very difficult for you to establish coordination between the clients and the transcriptionists. If not, the system in place is very weak that it leaves plenty of room for errors and misinterpretations.The workflow that you can develop with Infraware is very clear. To illustrate a point, you can take a look of how the orders are being processed. Every project goes through different production processes or phases. The good thing is that both parties, the doctors as well as the medical transcriptionists, can have an idea at what stage a job order is currently in. Thus, expectations that can be set will be more realistic. Physicians will know the exact time they can have the text versions of their report.If they wish to know the status, every job order is given a number that will be the one used to monitor the progress. It can also be utilized by physicians and the medical transcriptionists. You can also receive failure and confirmation certificates.It is also seen in the way access can be restricted. One can get into the system through a virtual private network, which means unless you have the login and password you cannot do anything at all. Moreover, it integrates SSL technology, which redirects users to a secure page. All information found on the page are encrypted when they travel across cyberspace. This is to protect the information against hackers.It improves quality and productivity.The transcription platform can also boost the accuracy of the reports as well as the productivity levels of the transcriptionists. All the possible productivity tools you need are already incorporated into the system.For example, you can make use of the medical spell checker and the word expander, which, in other cases, have to be paid from third parties. Like the normal spell checkers you can use, the former can highlight the errors or misspellings in the documents so you can be alerted. It can also suggest the best or the right spelling of a particular word.Word expanders can save you time since it “finishes” the words or terms for you. On the other hand, you also have the back-end speech recognition tool, which already determines the placement of the punctuations, capitalizations, and sentence boundaries in the report. What the transcriptionist has to do is to know if the placements are correct or not. This back-end speech recognition tool known as FirstDraft saves time for a transcriptionist.Indeed, Infraware transcription platform is what you need to define and enhance the quality of your service.

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