640-553 – Complete Details About the IINS Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security Examination

640-553 is the examination code for IINS implementing Cisco IOS network security examination and this certification is awarded from the vendor “Cisco”. This certification is associated with the CCNA security certification. From this 640-553 examination, candidates gain knowledge on securing Cisco routers as well as their associated networks and switches. Apart from these skills, candidates also gain knowledge in installation, monitoring as well as troubleshooting the networking devices for maintaining the confidentiality, availability and integrity of devices, data and developing the technology competencies that Cisco uses its security infrastructure. Candidates can gain 640-553 certification by registering Implementing Cisco IOS network security program (IINS).Topic outlines / objectives of 640-553 examination:The following are the complete details about the topic outlines of 640-553 certification and they are:1) Describing the security threats for facing the modern networking infrastructure2) Securing Cisco routers3) Implementation of A.A.A. on the Cisco routers by using the external ACS and local router database4) Mitigating the threats to Cisco routers and networks by using ACL’s5) Implementation of secure networking management as well as reporting6) Mitigating common layer 2 attacks7) Implementation of Cisco IOS firewall feature to set the SDM8) Implementation of Cisco IOS IPS feature to set the SDM9) Implementation of site- to- site VPN’s on the Cisco routers for using SDMRecommended training for the exam:Cisco recommends the candidates to purchase a study guide from Cisco called “Implementation of Cisco IOS Network security (IINS). However, Cisco does not provide any passing guarantee or any important questions assured for the examination from this book. Candidates can pass this examination only by doing hard work and frequent practice. Apart from this study guide, candidates can also make use of other available resources to practice for the examination. Some of the available resources are online/ offline training, classroom training, audio/ video training etc. Candidates can choose their best option for the exam practice. Apart from all available sources, classroom training can be said as one of the best training methods for getting effective practice. Self-study option can also be done if candidates cannot attend the classroom training but they have to make sure that they are having quality / updated study materials.

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