iPhone Features and Advantages

iPhones are one of the best looking and craziest mobile phones in the present market. No other mobile can beat Apple iPone in terms of Style, Features, Usability, and Quality. iPhone is very user-friendly. iPhone with 3.0 firmware upgrade is even better with more powerful features.o Main Advantages with iPhones are:
o Usability/ Easy to use
o Set up Process
o Attractiveness
o Feature rich
o Accelerometer
o ITunes
o Many supporting applications to install
o Integrated Web Browser with good browsing capability
o VPN, SSH, VOIP support
o Superb Email support
o Contact and Appointment software
o Attractive Games
o Low priceMain Features of iPhones:Touch screen is something that created euphoria among the users. The innovative feature is a new interaction scheme with the ability to push pictures aside with your fingers sliding on the screen or zooming in by running two fingers in opposite directions across the screen. The combination of accelerometer and touch screen gave birth for many games and applications.Accelerometer is used to know about the acceleration and gravity induced forces acting upon the instrument. Accelerometer helps the instrument with signals based on which the instrument choose to control an application. Some of the examples are:a)The flipping of an image from landscape to portrait if you rotate the device by 90 degrees is done by virtue of accelerometer
b) The bowling game – allows you to swing your arm just like you are bowling and here you see a cricket ball on your hand and not a mobile phone (make it sure that you control your excitement so that you don’t throw away this delicate darling)Connectivity:
Certain areas in our office got Wi-Fi connectivity and iPhone got faster access to the network compared to the AirTel Blackberry service which we are using as of now.Sound Quality:
Those who uses multi level conferencing in their mobiles, iPhone is the best option, because it gives good sound clarity. The users were convinced with the quality of reception.Let’s have some music:
If we click the iPod icon on the bottom right corner of the instrument that will lead you to an exciting world of the graphical version of iPod. iPod being another Apple Product, will continue to attract users attention.Spoiler alerts:
The volume adjuster is very small in iPhone.The main difference between iPhone and other mobiles is in terms of 1) usability 2) hard to find content and 3) costly access. Other mobiles take more time to access, connect and read from Internet. But iPhone is successful in this test and provides consistent web browsing experience by using safari web browser. And one more unique feature that only iPhone mobiles have is Battery life tracker. These latest iPhones also checks how much battery was consumed and which application consumed more battery. Today there are over 150,000 applications officially available for the iPhones with 4 billion downloads.

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