New And Efficient Network Solutions For Modern Businesses

Today, majority of businesses, if not all, are highly dependent on internet and functions that come with it. Transfer of data from one place and person to another, sharing of information between employees and companies, general communication via email, phone calls and fax are all dependent on good networks and reliable internet connections. Some companies and individuals still rely on T1 line and T3 line connections for their operations, but technology has a lot more to offer these days and this has rendered the older telephone line systems slow and unsuitable in today’s busy world. Most companies now channel all their resources into fiber optics and Ethernet over copper technology that is very fast and very cost-effective to have installed. With such amazing technological advancement, it is important to truly examine what options are available and how well they would suit your business.The word ‘Ethernet’ is no longer a foreign word to any businessperson. This is mainly because Ethernet has changed the level and speed which people can communicate and transfer data from one point to another. Some of the obvious benefits that one gets with Ethernet include reliable internet connections, faster data transfer and very few or no downtime at all. Since its inception, Ethernet has moved three paces and more innovations are underway to make communication as real-time as is humanly possible. Ethernet was the first to be offered, but it was quickly followed by Fast Ethernet, which offers faster data transfer at 100mbps. Gigabit Ethernet quickly succeeded fast Ethernet and it works ten times faster than the previous version. It transfers data at 1000mbps and is considered as one of the most cost-effective ways of running an internet dependent business.Most organizations nowadays have various offices located in different places and there is often need to find a way to connect these offices in a manner that facilitates communication. Point to Point lines can be used for this purpose as they are meant for wide area networks (WAN) and also have additional functions such as VoIP, that are necessary in a business premise. Sometimes internet is rife with disturbances like congestion and the solution for this is simple. MPLS technology eradicates all this by diverting and rerouting the excess traffic.For a business to succeed, it is important to adopt the latest technology that can provide additional features not provided by earlier versions of the same. Some of these include VPN, VPLS and other fiber optic applications. Ethernet provides all this to its clients and more, offering them convenience in catering all their individual and business communication needs.

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