The Lowdown on Nokia Firewalls

Nokia is famous all over the world as a leader in the mobile phone industry. It has not left any corner of the world to make its handheld devices a necessity. However, a very few number of people know about its success in the field of computer, and internet security, which is not only limited to individuals, but also extends the service to enterprises.Nokia firewalls and Virtual Private Network agents have been around for quite some time. These easy-to-use but advanced, and quality IT Security Platforms are efficiently protecting individual entities, and organisations.The Nokia IP Firewall line comes in multiple models targeted to small office through Enterprise core deployments. Based on software from Check Point (Check Point VPN-1 Power, Check Point VPN-1 UTM, and Check Point VPN-1 VSX) the appliances include IPv6 support, VRRP redundancy, and IP clustering, and remote Web based management capabilities, among other features.Nokia stands third in the world of firewalls, and VPN applications, with Cisco, and Juniper taking the first, and second place respectively. Customer base of Nokia includes mid-size to large organisations, which require remote access from different sites, through enterprise deployed mobile devices. The prices of the packages offered are based on simple devices used on individual basis, which are cheaper than the ones engineered for service-providers, and large organisations.The hardened IPSO operating system of vendors is included with each system, which includes built-in IP routing functionality, and IPv6 standard compliance. Additionally, the appliances can be managed remotely through the Web via the Network Voyager software of the vendor; and multiple appliances can be centrally managed via Nokia Horizon Manager Software. CLI management is also supported.Key features include IPv6 support, HA features, which include support for Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, and other intrusion prevention capabilities. For that, the vendor has hybridised their firewalls with another big name in the game, Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention software. A few samples include IP45, IP1220, IP560, IP690, IP2255, and many others.Nokia IP1220 is one of the offerings specially designed for mid to large sized companies, requiring robust performance, and leading technology solutions. It is a purpose built IP Security Platform. IP1220 contains the latest version of Nokia IPSO secure operating system, in addition to other utilities like Check Point Firewall/VPN Secure XL 2.x, and the Nokia Secure Access System software. Its main features include Nokia Encryption Accelerator IV, and up to 2GB RAM, 4 x Integrated 10/100 Ethernet ports, 2 x 6U CPCI slots for 4 PMC NICs, optional 2-Port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 2-Port 1000BaseF Multi- mode fibre (MMF), and 2-Port 1000 BaseT. The nokia provides best nokia firewall that can protect your system from viruses and threats.Although Nokia is now a renowned name in the world of internet security, yet there are some loopholes to their technology, for example, Nokia security appliances, running Nokia IPSO 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, 6.0, or older, can panic if SecureXL, and NAT are enabled, and certain malformed packets are sent in an attempt to attack the network. However, still one can easily rely on Nokia not only for personal machine protection, but also on the enterprise level.

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